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Virtualize with VMware Workstation

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

There are several benefits of using VMware Workstation as compared to VMware Player. With the help of VMware Workstation you can manage several machines with a single click and at one time. The reason behind this is that VMware Workstation offers Team feature using which you can group multiple virtual computers in to make the management easier. After creating and populating the Team with multiple numbers of computers you can then control them by operating the Team itself. For example if there are three virtual machines created in VMware Workstation and are grouped in a single Team you can start or stop all three virtual computers with a single click by clicking the play button available on Team. Also you can use AES feature offered by VMware Workstation which is helpful in securing your virtual machines. A few pros and cons listed below will help you evaluate the benefits of VMware Workstation.


  • You can create multiple Teams and each Team can have multiple virtual machines in it. Each Team can then be separately managed and all the virtual machines in the Team will be managed with it.
  • Provides AES feature using which you can specify the life of your virtual machines and when the time of the virtual machine expires the virtual machine stops working. This is helpful in creating virtual machines for a specific period of time and/or on temporary basis.


  • Since there is a separate console for every machine the execution of the file may consume extra processor and RAM.

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