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Ways to earn money quickly from Internet

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

Many people spend years searching online about ways to earn money quickly from Internet and I am one of this people I can tell you that I have experience in this field over 2 years I always searched for away to earn money from Internet to improve my income. I tried different sites that promise you to earn thousand of dollar quickly in few weeks or even in a few days but unfortunately most of this sites are just a scam and I started to think that earning from Internet is just a dream that it won’t became true but I can tell you with pleasure after a years of searching I reached to trusted sites that you can earn money fast from it I will list it for you.

  • Google  Adsense

If you have a blog or even I if you don’t you can make a free one using all you have to do is sign up for Google Adsense after they accept you just add Google Adsense ads in your blog and try to add fresh content in your blog. When the visitors click on the ads you get paid per click

The good side: You will have your own blog and there is many ads offer you high pay per click Google Adsense support many countries to send the payment via check for the countries that PayPal doesn’t support and if your blog is on blogger you will be accepted very fast

The bad side: You will have to add fresh content in your blog at least every 3 days.( Sign up now to Google Adsense )


If you can write articles about how to do anything Can you do that? If you can do that you will be able to become a writer in this popular site this site pay for you when visitors click on the ads in your article the site already have many visitors from worldwide.

The good side: You will not care about marketing your articles because the site already has many visitors.

The bad side: The site already has many writers so the competition is hard so you have to be creative and don’t try to copy& paste articles. (Write for


This site like the above site but for me I like it more because you don’t have to write only about how to you can write about anything you want to write about and you will get paid for article views.

The good side: like I said you will be able to write about anything you want and they pay for article view i think  this better than eHow because you can’t make sure that every visitor who read the article will click on the ads.

The bad side: The site is new so you will need to market your article by submitting it to sites like digg stumbleupon Facebook and twitter.(Join now! and start sharing your knowledge)


If you can’t write article and very lazy to open your own blog you can do microjobs is nice site that offers for you many jobs to do and after you do it you will get paid most  jobs is simple and easy like digg a story Share a tweet with your followers install application on your Facebook account Sign up in a free site or write an article and after you do the job you will need to insert the proofs that you were asked to insert to proof that you did the job ( i.e If the job is signing up in a site you may be asked to copy and paste the confirmation E-mail) After you proofs that you did the job and the employer accept your work you will get paid.

The good side: There are many jobs you can do and there is many ways to get your payment via Moneybooker PayPal and Check….etc.

The bad side:  To request payment you must have a PIN code this code the only way to receive the PIN code is via mail –many people get confused about this step and couldn’t request the payment- so to receive the payment just submit your REAL address and wait until you receive the PIN code then submit it and request the payment. (Sign up as Microworker )


If you don’t want to do microjobs you can work as a freelancer and get paid when you finish the work.

The good side: You will find many jobs fit your experiences with good income and signing up in the site is free.

The bad side: It is free to sign up in the site but when you have free membership you will  have limited times to bid on a project –bid on a project: like saying that you able to this job for the following price.(Sign up

And always remember: Focus on one site and one job to get a good reward trying many sites at the same time can make you fail Happy earning.