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XMedia Recode

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Before anything else I must point out two important things: first of all I'd like to thank Chris for enlightening me with his comment about XMedia Recode posted a few days ago right here; next you should keep in mind that this is not supposed to be a detailed review but only a quick recommendation of another great media encoding tool for Windows. Ready or not...

... here's XMedia Recode available as freeware this piece of code may come from a German developer but the list of available languages includes also includes Japanese English French and Italian next to German compatibility looks great - Win 2000 Win XP Win Vista Win 7 there are two versions available - a standalone installer and a portable one and in case you were wondering about optimization for multiple CPUs/cores I got some good news for you: after running XMedia Recode for a while and encoding a few videos it's my pleasure to tell you that this program works as it should using the processor resources at its disposal to the maximum (no support for GPU encoding it seems but I guess this is not that bad for a freebie). Sweet!

Why should you get XMedia Recode when there are so many similar programs on the market? Presets that's the answer - at least if nothing mentioned above doesn't sound good you you. For me this is more than enough since XMedia Recode is the only tool I ever saw to include a preset for encoding video to the format required by my Sansa e200 media player. The rest of it is just background noise so I'll stop here but not before adding one more thing: get XMedia Recode while it's free it may not be the best one there is but it doesn't get much better than this either! ;)