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Top 5 non-Microsoft OS 2011

Among various operating systems, Windows is used by more than 75% of total computer users. Windows is very compatible as compared to other operating systems. Some of the latest and amazing operating systems other than windows are listed below which will help you in ...Read More

Windows 8 – The Whistleblowing

Microsoft has started to release information about its latest operating system which is known as Windows 8. CEO of Microsoft Corporation Steve Ballmer showed some amazing features which will be included in Windows 8. Release dates are not yet decided but it is expected ...Read More

How to add domain to Qmail

Qmail is one of the most popular mail servers available for linux. I use it personally on one of my centOS servers and it works quite well. When you install it you’ll surely need to add new domain. So how to do that ? ...Read More

Windows 8 Features

Someone at Microsoft should step forward and make one thing clear: Windows 8 should have a serious nickname. While the “Windows 2000 Millennium Edition” moniker sounded much better to me than the product was (I know, I know – the product was a pretty ...Read More