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Rename Files The Easy Way

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Renaming files isn't hard at all right? Sure I've seen some people who had no idea on how to do it but I am not writing this for them. After all selecting the file and pressing Shift+F6 in most file managers followed by typing of the new name can't be that hard right? Even more - if you're one of those still using Windows Explorer renaming one file is even easier - just select it press F2 write the new name and that's it! Sure in both cases you should end the operation by pressing Enter but what about switching the names of two files?

Rename Files Switcheroo

If you studied some basic programming you surely got to that part where you need a third variable to switch the values of two initial ones. This is pretty much the same - when file names you want to switch are hard to remember you need a temporary file to use as "buffer" or some kind of multi clipboard) to remember both names easier. To switch the file names you have to paste the name of the first one into the "buffer" then change its name with the one of the other file and finally get the name you just temporary stored and finally rename the second file. I hope it's not that hard to understand...

... but if it is or simply if you want an easy way to switch the names of two files you should use Switcheroo. I know there's also some game with this name but this time we're talking about a tiny utility designed to make the operation I described earlier as easy as possible.

Once you get the archive containing the portable version of Switcheroo (no setup needed hooray!) all you have to do is unpack the files somewhere on your drive run the program and then drag two files and drop them onto the program's tiny window. Once you do that just press the Switch button and it's all done!

I know that the task Switcheroo takes care of may seem to be ridiculously simple but I know one thing for sure - ridiculously simple tasks are slowly killing little bits of our precious time each day so this one will surely remain in my software arsenal. What about you? :)