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USB Manager: Free USB Port Manager

USB Manager is a free USB port manager that helps you to manage all your USB ports easily in a smart way. If you want to enable or disable your USB ports to protect your PC from various USB devices, you are going to ...Read More

Work And Study More Productively With Stayfocused

Stayfocused is a user-friendly, free time management software that helps you to concentrate on your daily works. This freeware is based on the idea of The Pomodoro Technique and it makes sure that you take a break of 5 minutes after working for 25 ...Read More

Better Password Generator!

When it comes to secure passwords, there’s one thing I always say to my buddies – “The only safe password is the one that you can’t remember, not even if your life depends on it.” – only to find out, from time to time, ...Read More

Easy Video Editing With ClickBerry Editor

I know some of you may curse me at the end of this article, but please don’t be that evil – after all, adding interactive features to your videos can surely be considered “video editing,” no matter if the program used to accomplish this ...Read More

How to choose strong passwords

Setting up the passwords for your accounts is a very important thing, but everybody choose simple passwords like their cats name, their girlfriends/boyfriends name and so on. For accounts that are not very important, you can choose anything. But when you set up your Paypal account, your email ...Read More

Run Hulu from outside the US

Hulu is a great website which delivers streaming videos of  TV shows and movies from well known TV networks. With Hulu you can watch TV series from FOX, NBC Universal, ABC, Lionsgate, MGM, National Geographic, Paramount, A&E Television Networks, PBS, and Warner Bros. Television ...Read More