Windows server 2008 Archive

Use Group Policy Modeling in Windows Server 2008

In already established network infrastructure, especially domain-based, it becomes practically impossible for the administrators to change the configuration settings just for testing and trial purposes. In order to test and try several new implementations in the network infrastructure administrators use a test lab in ...Read More

Deploy Software through Group Policy in Windows Server 2008

In any environment when active directory services are used and client/server domain-based network setup is implemented administrators many times avoid going to every computer in order to install any application which is required by all the connected computers in the premises. Moreover, in even ...Read More

Apply Default User Logon Logo in Windows Server 2008

Where several computers are connected to a domain controller in any medium to large scale organization, default company logo needs to be there in order to standardize the convention of the organization. In other words, in any company when user logon logo is the ...Read More

Install DFS on Windows Server 2008

In any complex network setup where there are several computers connected to a single local area network and thousands of folders are shared in each computer, it may become quite hectic for the users to memories the names and locations of all shared folders ...Read More

Delegate DFS Management Permissions in Windows Server 2008

DFS server is only created in Windows server 2008 network environment when the organization is stretched and is considered as either medium or large scale industry. Categorization of the scale of industry also, indirectly though, represents the number of employees working in it. In ...Read More

Create a New DFS Namespace in Windows Server 2008

Although Windows server 2008 DFS installation process allows administrators to create a namespace during the installation itself and in some cases administrators need not to create any additional namespace in the organizations. However in scenarios where several departments work in a single premises and ...Read More