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Enable Facebook Notifications for Friends’ Posts Only

As a Facebook user you can disable notifications for Groups globally, that is, that you will not receive notifications from any Group and you can also disable notifications for single Group individually. However Facebook also allows users to customize the disabling of notifications so ...Read More

Unblock Banned User from Facebook Group

While using Facebook it is expected that you might admin several groups and it is quite obvious that you might have deleted or permanently banned several Group members because of their unexpected and unwanted behaviors. The fact still cannot be denied that sometimes users ...Read More

How to Re-enable Facebook Group Chat

While using Facebook there might be times when you have disabled Group chat windows so that you cannot get disturbed by the popped up chat windows whenever any Group member types something in it. However there might also be times when you want to ...Read More

How to Disable Chat for Facebook Group

When a Facebook Group is created users can chat in it as if they were chatting in any other chat messenger application for example in Yahoo! Messenger rooms. Since a Group contains several people you cannot expect everyone to stay quiet if you are ...Read More

How to Create a Facebook Group

As a Facebook user you can create as many Groups as you want and each Group can contain as many members as you can add in it. A Group can be considered as virtual room in which members of common interests can discuss and ...Read More

Disable Notifications for a Single Facebook Group

As a member of any Facebook Group you receive several notifications about the activities that take place in that Group. The notifications are flashed on the webpage and these notifications can be about the activity that is initiated by any member of the Group. ...Read More