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Windows Setup on USB, As Easy As It Gets!

DVDs and CDs should be dead by now, yet it amazes me when I see how many people are still using Windows CDs and DVDs to install the operating system on their computers. Speaking for myself, I left those days behind and, each time ...Read More

Halloween Windows 7 Themes From Microsoft

While I can’t say I am really crazy about Halloween, it’s always great to see new stuff released on this occasion, no matter if we’re talking about T-shirts, mouse pads, games, books or even Windows 7 themes. As you probably know already, I’m not ...Read More

Separate Ringtones for Yahoo! Messenger Contacts

Since Yahoo! Messenger chat application can also be used to communicate with added contacts on voice, users can also set different ringtones for different contacts so that they can recognize as which contact is trying to initiate a voice call. Although there are few ...Read More

Play Games with Yahoo! Messenger Contacts in Windows 7

Yahoo! Messenger chat application is not only used for communication or official purposes but can also be used for entertainment reasons. This means that because of built-in games provided by Yahoo! users can invite any of their friends who are added in their contact ...Read More